Swift Creek Reservoir 3-6-2010

7 03 2010

I’ve been meaning to hit Swift Creek Reservoir since I got my yak a year ago, but I just haven’t made it over there. I had a few hours to waste Saturday morning, so I headed over. I was a little worried about accessing the reservoir as I had read on KayakBassFishing.com that the only public access point might be gone due to bridge construction. The good news is that the public launch site is still there and looks like it will be for a long time. The bad news is that currently there is no way to get to the northeastern most sections of the lake due to construction. The construction has blocked off any ability to paddle underneath the bridge onto the other side. Here are a few pictures.

Today was a tough day fishing. Wind was blowing 10 to 15mph but it felt like a constant 15. Air temps were 45 to 50 and water surface temperature was 41. I didn’t get a single bite all day. I tried throwing a pumpkin shaky head weightless, black/blue jig w/trailer and a chartreuse/white spinner bait the entire time. I pounded the banks, lay downs, docks, and a ledge or two I found out in the central channel of the lake. Ledges are pretty difficult keeping on when the wind is blowing as much as it was. I found several drop-offs from 8ft to 13ft, but didn’t see anything on the sonar nor did I get any bites. Paddling was fun but catching something would have been better. I look forward to hitting the reservoir again when the weather is better.

Since I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures of any fish, I wanted to give my new FinePix Z33WP a workout so I took a few pictures of the yak. Enjoy!