Pocahontas State Park 3-21-2010

21 03 2010

After several 4 straight days of 70+ degree weather, I found the time to get out and do a bit of fishing. A guy on Kayak Bass Fishing named SimonSays had pulled a 21.75″ Largemouth Bass out of Swift Creek Lake in Pocahontas State Park a couple of weeks ago, so I thought maybe I should go give the lake a try. I have been fishing bout 5 times in this lake without ANY success. I think I’ve pulled a total of 3 bass out of here, none of them longer than 12″ or so. I told myself I wouldn’t be going back to PSP, but I went against the previous promise to myself and I’m glad I did.

The last 4 or 5 times I’ve been out in my kayak, I’ve been skunked going all the way back to the fall. I’ve had my kayak for about a year now and the largest LMB I’ve put in the boat was probably a 12″ dink. I’ve been getting frustrated the last couple of times so today was much needed.

I got to the park and put in around 9:30am. Water temps were 58 and air temps went from 60 to 75 by 2pm. I immediately bolted for the narrow part of the lake and began throwing a 1oz football jig/trailer towards structure and a Rapala X10 suspending jerkbait down the deep part of the channel (~12ft deep). I’ve almost primarily worm fished in my year of LMB fishing so one of the things on my list for 2010 is to try other techniques and baits. About an hour and a half in with no bites, I come upon this set of lay downs…seemingly guarded by turtles sunbathing.


I anchored down between these 2 sets of lay downs, thinking I could make casts to both. I was anchored only about 15 feet or so from the bank, but my fish finder said I was in about 12 foot of water. There was a steep dropoff from the bank and that in combination of the structure made me think there HAS to be a bass in here. I decided to pull out my new worm combo (Mojo Bass + Shimano Saros) as I was having no luck with the other baits and wanted to try the new combo. On the 2nd or third cast into the first set of lay downs, I got a little nibble nibble. I hadn’t had that feeling in quite some time so it was REALLY difficult to give the fish an opportunity to actually inhale it. I finally set the hook and the fight was on!!!! After a minute or so battle, I pulled this one in.


On the measuring board:

18.75 inches!!!!! That’s definitely my personal best. Not sure if it’s a she/he but it was certainly a little plump. At this point, I didn’t care if I caught anything the rest of the day. The Largemouth was caught on a 5″ PowerBait pumpkin seed shaky worm texas rigged with a small lead bullet weight (unsure of the size).

I kept on fishing for a few more hours with no action. I finally happened upon a lay down that I always throw to and have caught 2 LMB here. This lay down is only in about 3 feet of water, but is about 30 feet long and provides quite a bit of structure. I had a couple of nibbles, got hung up, got blown into and banged into the lay down with my yak…about everything wrong you could do in this situation I did. I decided to paddle away for a bit and came back in 30 minutes. I threw towards the shallower end of the lay down and had another hookup. Fish on!!!! This fish had size as well and certainly fought a bit more than the first. This one jumped about 5 times…..AWESOME!

Finally landed this guy (notice the lay down in the background, during the fight and the subsequent picture taking the wind had blown me about 50 yards off):

On the measuring board:

18.25 inches!!!! Holy crap 2 18″ LMB in one day. This fish was also caught on a texas rigged 5″ Shaky head, but this one was green pumpkin. At this point I was getting a bit tired from the 15mph wind blowing me all over the place so I packed it up and headed back in.

Several people on KBF had been putting up 20″+ fish, including one 25″ from a female angler named Tina. Mine certainly don’t come close to those, however, it will be a memorable day for me…at least until I break the 20″ barrier. Should keep me from getting angry for a few more skunky outings icon_e_smile.rLJ4cUUZS0oX.jpg

Here’s a link to all the pictures I took on this outing: