Briery Creek 9-1-2011

1 09 2011

I’ll keep this short and sweet. Headed out to Briery Creek this morning for the first day of my delayed vacation. Hit the water at 7am (a little later than I had hoped) but fished until 2:15pm.

Started with a large chartreuse and white buzzbait and that got em going. Caught 5 LMB ranging from 10″ to 15.5″ in the first 75mins. Landed 2 more LMB on a wacky rigged 5″ senko in the next 15 mins. From about 8:30am until about 11:30am-ish, things got REALLY cold. I wasn’t spooking, hooking up with, or seeing any fish.

Somewhere around there, I started to find a few and realized the bass in the lilies were also holding to other cover (lay downs); lure of choice for a lily field was none other than a frog, Capt Ken’s Clone. I had a lot of short strikes today and had 4 bass take my frog, fight for 5 to 10 seconds and somehow manage to come unbuttoned.

Around 1:30pm, found some of the ideal “pattern” for the day and threw my clone over. While retrieving I got a huge blowup, so I let it sit. Another blowup but it was a good 2 feet from my clone. I reel it in and wait for about 60 seconds and then throw back over. This time I get a solid hit and I set the hook. Thank goodness this time the fish didn’t come unbuttoned and I land the largest fish of the day, a hair over 18″ and nice and fat.


This is the most success I’ve ever had at Briery; I’ve been skunked several times here. I had my daughter Thursday nigh through Sunday, then Monday is the Salt, Tuesday I’m chasing Snakeheads, and Wednesday is a half day of guided fishing on Mossy Creek!

BTW, Briery in the middle of the week is FANTASTIC. There were only 3 trucks at the ramp when I got there, and I really only saw one other boat all day.

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15 09 2011
Judy Morrill

Hi Eric – I really enjoy your blogs on Sandy River Res. and Briery. I’m new to kayak fishing and live near both of these impoundments so enjoy reading your input on lures you use andwhere you catch stuff. I want to know about your measuring stick…’s like a tray. How handy. Where did you get it?
Keep sharing you fishing stories.

15 09 2011
Eric Miles

Hi Judy, I haven’t been as active on posting reports but it’s nice replies like this that get me motivated again. I had a visit to Sandy this past weekend that I didn’t do anything for…I’ll try to keep it up. Thanks!

As far as the measuring stick goes, it’s called a Hawg Trough and you can purchase one from (Hook 1).

15 09 2011
Judy Morrill

Thanks, I’ll tell Hook1 I saw it on your blog. Hook1 and Rapala should sponsor you.:) By the way, I was fishing near the mouth of the Sandy River Tuesday and saw an absolutely humongous bass jump out of the water. It sounded like someone dropped a boulder in the water. If you caught it it would not fit into your net. When I came home I looked up pictures of world record bass.(22 lbs.) It was every bit that big. I know it sounds like a fish story, but I have a witness. This was just where the timbers start on the western side, where power lines cross the water.

That reminds me of something you may find useful. The far side if the lake is a long paddle but has lots of fishy structure. There is another reasonable canoe put – in that shaves a lot of time off the paddling. Follow Monroe Church Rd. to the stop sign at Greenbay Rd. Turn left. In about 3/4 mile or so the first hard surface road on your left is Gates-Bass Rd. Turn left there and follow it to the end.There’s 2 trash cans and an obvious canoe put in and small parking area. Some dumb a** tore down the canoe launch sign but parking there is legal. Though secluded, I’ve never had a problem with vehicle break ins etc. Unlike Pony Pasture. :(.
Good luck!

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