2-6-2011 Golf Course Lake

6 02 2011

I had a few minutes to spare today so I headed over to a nearby golf course. The weather was beautiful, 45 degrees and SUNNY. I didn’t have any hopes of catching anything as it has been cold, but I just wanted to have some of that deep soul healing fishing seems to give all of us. I loaded up my Mojo Shaky Head rod paired up with a Saros 2000F, a gammy shaky head, and a powerbait 5″ shaky head worm.

As I walked past the long riprap I normally skip past, I noted that some bass might be holding over there if the sun is heating up the rocks…I’ll hit it on the way out. I fish all the normal points I do on this lake. I throw at an island gazebo and the bridge’s pilons, I throw at some rock structure I know is submerged, I throw to points and coves, etc. I get nothing. After about 45 mins or so I decide to head back to the truck to go home.

I make my way over to the riprap hoping to at least get a bit. As soon as I come down the bank, I realize there is a drain pipe emptying into the lake amongst all the large rock. This lake normally produces really well around drain pipes after some rain, so that coupled with the sun and the rip rap, I say out loud…”well if I’m going to catch a fish today, it’ll be here”. I cast out and start shaking the rod.

After about 10 seconds, I feel a familiar tap on the rod. I haven’t felt that feeling since probably October or November, but it was definitely familiar. It was only a single tap…not the tap-tap-tap I feel like I get in the summer…I’m not even sure it was a tap from a fish. After about 10 seconds and no line movement, I reel down and the line just “feels funny”. I swing and set the hook…FISH ON! After a really short lethargic fight, I land this 18″ largemouth.


It was a super short fight and it didn’t put up much resistance. I take 3 pictures and get it back in the water as quick as possible.

I fish for another 10 more minute but no bites. I only had 1 today, but I made it count. Felt good feeling that familiar tug on the end of your rod again..





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