Susi Q Farm 12-21-2010

21 12 2010

Justin was coming into town for a few days for Christmas so we had planned on doing some fishing. We originally had a light line HRBT trip planned, but due to the 3 weeks of arctic conditions we’ve had, we figured we would get much action in the Bay. We opted for some trout fishing on Susi Q Farm, a private stretch of Smith Creek that is managed by Mossy Creek Fly Fishing.

We get to Susi Q and as we’re exiting the truck, acknowledge the 11F temperature reading on my truck. It’s damn cold. I’m warm natured anyways, so didn’t think the weather would be bothering me. I was worried about Justin. After getting my 3wt in order, strung up and with a streamer tied on, I look over to Justin and he’s not moving very fast (guess it was the cold).


We finally get ourselves together and jump right into the section of creek in front of the parking lot. The water is deep on the opposite bank, so we start banging our streamers up against that bank. This is a giant pool with not a lot of movement in the water, some place I probably wouldn’t spend a lot of time searching for trout. I saw one trout hit the surface but couldn’t get any takers so we move down stream.

Right below a really large riffle and run was what looked to be the perfect trout pool. The pool had eddies on both sides, deep water, a root ball on the far bank, and eventually changed elevation to 1′ at the back of the pool…it was perfect. I offer the pool up to Justin confident there would be fish in this pool, but he told me to take it. I make a few casts into the tail of the pool, but don’t see anything nor do I get any strikes. I throw to the opposite eddy and strip the streamer through the pool, this time I get a following trout. holy moly this thing is huge, it looks like a brown. He turns around and nonchalantly swims away when the gets to the near bank, as I’m pulling my fly out of the water. I immediately throw back to the same location and get a strike, lift the rod tip…FISH ON!!!! The rod doesn’t double over so I know it wasn’t the brown I just saw. After a short fight, I land the first trout of the day, an average sized rainbow.


We continue fishing downstream. I land another average sized rainbow and that was followed by an hour and a half of no action. It’s still insanely cold; we have to clear our guides every 5th or 6th cast due to ice forming. We backtrack to the pool in front of the parking lot and I start working the far bank methodically. I enter the creek to attempt to get better angles for casts this time, casting from downstream to upstream. I get hot…I land around 5 rainbows in a 30 minute span in this section. At this point, I’ve caught 6 fish and Justin hasn’t landed any so he comes down and starts casting from the bank, throwing in the area where I’ve been pulling them in. He gets a strike and lands his first ever trout on the fly!


We continue fishing upstream from the parking lot, covering some good water. Although the creek looks low, there are still several trouty looking pools that we hit hard. Things are slowing down a bit so we decide to head over to the flyshop, get some new flies and some tips, grab some lunch, then head back to the stream.

Armed with several crystal buggers and kreelex streamers, we continue to work upstream from the parking lot as instructed by the flyshop. Most of the good water is up this way. We get to the famous “waterfall pool” and take up spots to give us some space between each other. I go on to land several more rainbows in this pool, some on the kreelex some on the crystal bugger. Justin’s still struggling a bit and didn’t pull in any in this pool, but he’ll heat up soon enough.

We continue upstream and while I get a chaser or two, we have no takers. We get to the end of the property and Justin gets hot in the large pools here. He pulls in 6 or 7 trout, all rainbows, out of this area while I go cold. It’s starting to get late so we start to think about heading back to the truck. We’ve lost all but 1 of the kreelex flies, so I tell Justin I’m keeping that one for the large brown follower from earlier in the morning. We head back to the waterfall pool and fish here a bit more. We both pull in several trout from here before we start making our way back to the parking lot. Justin decides to hit the big pool in front of the parking lot one more time while I head over to the big pool containing the brown.

I tie on my kreelex and start to feel my adrenaline pumping. If any fly can get that brown to bite, tis’g going to be the kreelex right? I make a few casts into the opposite eddy, where I had the follower and the strike earlier in the morning. I get nothing. I make a few casts right into the heart of pool where the water enters from the riffle, I get nothing there. I tell myself I’m going to make 2 more casts in the near side eddy before I pack it up and head home. First cast is perfect, it lands at the the head of the eddy. I let the fly sink for a few seconds and then give the streamer a couple of strips. The line goes tight so I lift my rod tip….FISH ON!!!! My rod doubles over and there’s much more weight on the end than any of the other fish I’ve caught for the day. The fish hits the surface and I get a good glimpse, it’s a sizable rainbow, probably 2 times the size of anything we’ve caught today. I begin shrieking like a little girl, telling Justin to come over so he can get some pics. After what seems like a 5 minute fight, I finally land the big rainbow. It’s easily the biggest trout I’ve ever landed. While not the big brown I was looking for all day, I was certainly happy with this catch.


I release the trout as we did for all others and I call it a day. I’m going to go out on a great note. I head over to the parking lot pool where Justin is wrapping up his day by landing his final rainbow.

Susi Q was a blast and I’d love to get back and try it again. While the water was low and provided for “different” fishing conditions than I’d typically see with trout fishing, I’m fairly certain when the water is up fishing would be a bit more technical. Either way, I’ll be back.

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