Apartment Complex with my Ultralight 9-6-2010

6 09 2010

I went over to an apt complex pond for for some fishing with the my new BassPro TinyLite ultralight combo. It was a typical hours fishing, catching several small bluegill and LMB. I had a “few more casts” before I was going to call it a day.

I was throwing a 1/32 oz jighead with the PowerBait 2″ PowerGrub in Christmas lights. The place I was going to throw my last few casts in normally have a boat load of bluegill and several channel cats cruising the shallows. First few casts and nothing. I see 2 cats and think, man fighting one of these guys on an UL would be kickass. Most of the time when I cast near them, they scatter. I cast beyond the cats and start swimming the grub back to me….it goes right over one of the cat’s head so I stop and let her drop…the cats head tilts back and looks up at the grub…hmmm….is it gonna take it?

Next thing I feel is my rod doubling over and the reel is SCREAMING. FISH ON!!!!! After a 5 minute fight or so and about a dozen drag screaming runs, I land a nice 5lb-ish channel cat. I don’t know the exact weight and I’m not good at judging these thing, however it was as long as my arm. What a great fight on an UL rod. The thing I was most impressed with (besides the rod/reel) was the line. I was using 6lb Yo-Zuri Hybrid but it was pretty beat up at this point.

Everyone likes pics, here’s one I took with my phone.





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