James River Wetlands 9-3-2010

3 09 2010

I assumed with the slightly overcast, cooler morning that I’d have some luck fishing. I also fished this stretch of the James 2 weeks ago and had success.

Launched from the James River Wetlands and fished predominantly between that point and downstream to where there small set of rapids begin at Powhite. I started off throwing a craw patterned Mann’s 1-Minus, Culprit brown 3″ beetle, and a spinnerbait. Within the first 20 minutes, I get a large short strike on the 1-, as I’m lifting it out of the water for another cast. I threw a bunch of stuff back into the same hole, but couldn’t coax the guy to hit again.

Continued to fish for the next 3 hours, saw lots of cats and carp, no SMB. I didn’t get a single nibble…nada. I switched over to the bait that was on fire last time I fished this stretch, a bleeding shad 1/2oz Rat-L-Trap, thinking that would turn the bite on. Continued to fish and still got nothing.

Starting to get frustrated and time is running out on me, so I head back towards the put in. There’s a deep trench that I decide I would troll the Trap along one of the edges as I paddle back. As I turn the kayak along one of the edges, I notice the line go slack. Pick up the line and start reeling in. Fish ON! Well, not for long. One jump and my Trap is thrown. Damnit.

Continue to fish a bunch of more rock formations with no action, I hit my last hole for the day. First cast of the Trap and a SMB explodes on the surface as soon as the Trap hits. I start reeling and he hits…FISH ON! It’s not a big fish, but sizable enough it would salvage the day. After about 15 seconds of fight, he launches into the air and throws my Trap. Double DAMNIT.

Paddle back to the put in dejected and skunked.

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