Lunchtime at Shields Lake 8-30-2010

30 08 2010

I needed a break from my desk so headed over to Swan Lake at lunch for some bank fishing. I’ve had absolutely NO luck at this lake, not a single fish. Not sure why I headed over there today, it’s 95 and humid.

Anyways, get there and take my worm rod with a wacky rigged watermelon yum dinger and start casting. I get a few nibbles but they’re definitely small. Take note of the small fish as I’ll be throwing my new ultralite combo at them in a few minutes. A large tree is casting some shade (quickly dwindling) in about 3 to 4 feet of water, so I decide to cast here there a few times before I go grab my ultralite. After 5 or 6 casts, I get a tap-tap and my line starts moving. Set the hook…FISH ON! Landed my first LMB (or any fish for that matter) from this lake, 12″.


I cast a few more times not expecting to catch anything and I don’t. Run back to the truck and get my ultralite. I have a 1/32 (or 1/16) jig head tied on with some 2″ PowerBait Power Grub in the “Christmas Lights” color. These little grubs sure are pretty….

Anyways, I start casting and immediately start getting tons of tugs on my hook from bluegills not quite big enough for the lure. I finally get a hit from something and it sets the hook on himself. As I fight the little guy to the bank, I see the stripes running down the side. This is no bluegill and certainly isn’t a bass. SWEET! First perch I’ve ever caught.


I go on to catch another, much smaller perch on the subsequent cast. I then spend the next 15 mins feeling my line tug by the voracious attacks of small bluegill, but none are quite big enough to take the hook. Bluegill are rather funny, if they had teeth they could be mistaken for piranha as they are vicious little fighters.




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