Pawley’s Island and Mt. Pleasant South Carolina Vacation 7-18 — 7-25-2010

25 07 2010

Went on vacation down to Pawley’s Island for 3 days and then spent the next 4 days at my sister in-law’s place in Mt. Pleasant.

I hadn’t planned on fishing Pawley’s, but got some time to myself a couple of days and ended up fishing for about 6 total hours spread between them. I fished the northern section of Midway Inlet as a friend owns a house with easy access to the creek here. The first day, I got out about 1:30-ish on the incoming tide. Fishing was tough as was keeping my kayak in position as I had no anchor nor stake out pole. I did a lot of casting and took some pictures of some fiddlers and a few birds.

2nd time out I went out at 10:30am at low tide and fished what water was left in the creek until the water finally started coming back in around 1pm. I hooked into my first salt water fish from a kayak…foul hooked a tiny spot icon_e_smile-2010-07-25-23-49.jpg Kept on fishing for another hour and a half and managed to catch 2 small 10″ flounders. I was alternating between an electric chicken paddle tail swim bait and a 3″ gulp shrimp on a jig head.

Headed to my sister in-law’s and planned to fish the upper Wando early on Thursday morning until about noon. It was high (flood) tide when we went out, not my brother in-law’s favorite time to fish but we hit it anyways. We tried the topwater bite, he was throwing a popper and a Zara Spook jr and I tried throwing a Mann’s 1-Minus. Neither of us got a bite. Switched over to throwing other artificials, he was throwing some sort of spinner/plastic trailer combo and I was throwing the paddle tail and gulp shrimp jig heads again. We went all morning without much action. I did manage to catch 2 small trout on the gulp shrimp, but that was it. At some point mid morning, I got a monster bite and fought what I believe to be was a sizable Redfish for about 60 seconds before my hook popped loose. We fished some more until about 11am when we decided to go throw the net for some bait and hit a few “hot spots” as we only had the kitchen pass for another hour.

After we loaded up with some finger mullet and shrimp, we hit the hot spot and started throwing under some docks. I threw a mullet and Justin threw a shrimp, both on Carolina rigs. Sure enough, within 5 minutes Justin gets a bite and is now fighting the Red between the dock pylons. He gets broken off but puts on another shrimp and tosses back under the dock. He gets another bit and again, gets broken off. I’ve gotten no bites on my mullet so I switch over to a shrimp. Within 5 minutes I’ve got a red on. Holding on for dear life and trying to fight the fish out of the pylons, about 5 minutes later I land my first Redfish, a 23″-ish slottie.


I quickly put a new shrimp on my hook and cast back under the dock. Within 5 or so more minutes, I get another bite and again…start fighting the fish out of the dock pylons. A few minutes later and I’ve landed my 2nd Redfish.


Justin also manages to land a Redfish during the time as well as he lands a small black drum.


The bite cools off and we head home for the day.

On Friday, we had planned on fishing Copahee Sound (Redfishville) out of kayaks, the main reason I lugged my kayak and all my gear down from Va. We had planned on heading out at low tide and hit the incoming tide around 1pm, but family activities, a bait run, and some forgotten gear didn’t get us onto the water until sometime after 3pm.

The wind was BRUTAL and was blowing severely as well as the tide was rushing in at this point, it made for pretty difficult fishing. Most of the oyster bars in the sound were submerged and the elements were not cooperating. Justin and I didn’t have much luck. He managed to hook into and break off a small shark and also landed a small whiting. I landed a small blue and had a small red gum my float (pretty funny) but didn’t have any action otherwise. When the tide was completely up, we hit the flats to look for some tailers. For the next hour and a half, we stalked the flats and saw NOTHING….nada. We packed it up and headed home. Fishing Copahee was pretty miserable this day. The conditions and the lack of action made it tough, but we had fun none the less…

Most every night, Justin and I snuck out after the women and children were in bed and fished the ponds in his neighborhood. There are dozens of ponds and most hold bass. We hooked into several fish, but Justin seemed to be having the most luck with the big fish. He landed 2 around 20″, another around 19″ and lost another that probably went close to 20″. The largest I hooked into was probably 14″ or 15″. Here’s a pic of one of his bass.


EDIT: I’m adding this as I almost forgot, turtled for the first time in a creek at Copahee. I was getting a little cocky in my OK Trident and decided to stand up on it to get a better view of the creeks and flats (something I’ve done a couple of other times). While standing up, I had good stability, however when I went to sit down, I plopped a bit and plopped on the edge. I ended up in the creek, up to my chest. I was able to re-enter my kayak (without any practice on this) by being familiar with the techniques to get back in the boat. The good news is that I’ve now experienced turtling in a VERY controlled environment, so I should be more familiar next time…as well as my boat truly never turned over so I didn’t lose any gear. When I finally caught up to Justin, he says “did something happen that I think happened?”. He also said, “I heard a loud crash and what sounded like an alligator attacking someone, then quiet for about 5 seconds, then hysterical laughing”. I had to laugh at myself for being such an idiot.




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