Private Pond 7-5-2010

5 07 2010

No pics today and a tough day fishing…Went to a private pond somewhere in Central Virginia to fish with 3 other folks from Kayak Bass Fishing. From some recon provided by the others, I knew this pond had lots of lillies, so I prepped my tackle the night before. We hit the water around 6am and fished until about 12:30pm.

I started off throwing a 4″ green Yum Dinger rigged wacky style on a Gammy finesse hook w/weed guard, a Rapala Skitter Pop in a frog pattern, and my Spro Bronzeye frog. I threw the popper parallel to lilly lines, the worm parallel to lilies and laydowns, and the frog into the lilies and worked it out into open water. For close to 2 hours, I didn’t have a single bite. I finally get a bite on the worm, pulling throwing it into a small opening in a stretch of lilies. The hook pops out after about 10 seconds of fight, the weed guard hasn’t sprung. Hmmm…I must not have set the hook effectively at all. Next time I’ll give it a full swing.

I continue on fishing, alternating between all 3 presentations with no action. I get another hit on the worm, fishing it in small lilly cove. This time I really try to put the screws in on the hookset…again after a 15 second fight, the hook popped out, weed guard still in place. What’s going on with this hook?

I continue on fishing, not getting any action. The sun is really starting to burn down, so I decide to try and hit some areas with shade. The best stretch with sun protection has already been hammered by myself and the other 3 anglers, but I return to it anyways. I begin working the frog exclusively on the outer edge of the lilies, bringing it back to the kayak. Within the first few minutes, I get a small crash of my frog on the surface. I think it was a short strike, but after about 3 seconds I realize my frog is gone so I set the hook. Fish on! A small 10″ LMB, but the skunk is off.

Cool, maybe I’ve found another pattern? I continue working this stretch of lilies, in the shade of the tree. I come up to a laydown and try all my currently tied up baits again, to no avail. As I pass the laydown and begin working the edges again. I get a ginormous crash of the surface. The bass just misses my frog and the frog goes flying about 2 feet in the air. The bass still in attack mode goes after the closest thing to him at this point, a lilly pad. Man is he ANGRY at my frog! At this point, I’m unsure if I throw the frog back or follow up with the Senko…I decide to throw the frog. First cast…nothing. Second cast…he hits my frog about a foot from the boat. In the half second he takes the frog under the water, it’s already let go before I have a chance to set the hook. I switch over to the worm, but at this point I think the fish is spooked. This fish easily went 20″+ and would have made my day.

I continue on fishing this stretch, with no luck. I do get one hit but it was with about 3″ of line out from the tip of my rod as I was bringing the frog up for another cast. The frog slingshotted up into the air as fast as it went down.

Fun day, beautiful pond, just not a lot of action. I’ll be returning here when the weather cools off, expecting much better days.




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6 07 2010

If one or two didn’t get away every now and then it wouldn’t be called fishing. You got out, that’s good in itself. I know you’re not a huge fan of the salt, but I went to Winter Harbor last week and had a great time. The striper are still around–one of which was 24″ and enjoyed my bucktail thoroughly. You should think about making the trip sometime.

9 07 2010
Eric Miles

Man I have nothing against salt water, fresh water is just a bit more convenient. We’ll definitely have to hit the salt together at some point. You’ll have to show me the ropes.

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