New Favorite Crankbait 6-15-2010

15 06 2010

Our 2nd zone AC unit broke today, so I found myself needing to get out of the house for a bit. I headed over to a lake off of Luck’s Lane that I’ve fished a few times in the past without much luck (heh, I just re-read that sentence….funny. No luck at Luck’s Lane). However, the last time I visited here, I picked up on a pattern.

This lake is shaped like a U. I’ve found the best fishing to be on the inside of the U, right in the middle where the lake is at its widest.

Leading from the banks, there are several subsurface “erosion paths” leading to deeper water. While there is thick grass covering most of the bottom of this lake, these paths seem void of any vegetation. Last time I was here, in the last 15 minutes of fishing I started working a wacky rigged Senko along these paths with minor success. I had several strikes, missing a few and landing a few.

Tonight I began the same, however, I lost my Senko on the first fish I caught and lost my backup Trick Worm to a fish who sucked it off my o-ring. That left me with my other combo, currently rigged up with a bait that I’ve been meaning to give a good try, the Mann’s 1-Minus.

I’ve casted the 1-Minus a few times and marveled at how this lure can be fished right at the surface and at 12″ below. The wide wobble action on this lure is amazing. This particular pattern was the fire shad and is a pretty chartreuse. I began casting this crankbait out along the paths and started working it in. Over the next 30 minutes, I caught 6 small largemouth and 1 decent sized crappie. I also had a follow from what is the largest bass I’ve seen in this lake; he gave my crank a nudge and then turned away. I’m assuming this wise fish has seen plenty of crankbaits in his time. I’ll be back for him later.

I love the Mann’s 1-Minus and will be throwing this more often. Baits like these cause a professed “finesse” guy like myself to try and get into power lures more easily.




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16 06 2010

Funny, I was just watching the WFN channel last night and Jarrett Edwards (I think his name is) was fishing somewhere in Arizona and swearing that crankbaits were the best all-around lures to use when trying a lake for the first time, or when nothing else is working. I believe I’m gonna have to get some of those.

Every now and again, Bass Pro has some bargain baskets on either side of the saltwater gear, filled with generic cranks shaped just like the 1-Minus for a nice cheap price. Check it out next time you’re there. Get that big bass next time you’re at Luck’s.

17 06 2010
Eric Miles

Cranks and spinners do make the most sense…you can cover the most water with them! I have a hard time investing in them though, they truly are expensive and I tend to lose 1 or 2 a trip!

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