Lunch Time Canal Froggin’ 6-7-2010

7 06 2010

After having so much fun the other night froggin’ for the first time, I figured I’d give that a shot at a canal that runs parallel to the James. I’ve fished here before with limited success. I fished four about an hour. The water was gin clear today and the sun was bright overhead, so I could see everything. The grass is growing at a rapid rate is about a foot below the surface, so froggin’ should work well.

The first 20 mins, I spent in one area, casting parallel to and perpendicular to the bank. It’s only 30 feet or so across this canal, so I was just trying to cover as much water as possible. Didn’t have any strikes nor did I see anything, so I moved on “downstream”.

Some more casts, still nothing. I then made a cast completely across the canal, landed it on opposite bank, and began the twitch across. As the frog passes right in front of a manhole cover a LMB swims up and takes the frog. I reel all slack out and then set the hook. Fish on! I pull in a 12″ LMB. SWEET, I love froggin’.

I then spend the next 30 mins or so moving back upstream beyond the first fishing point. I had 1 riser, but he wouldn’t take the frog. I love fishing this high up with clear water, I can see everything (I’m sure they can see me too). I saw numerous bluegill and a fairly large carp patrolling one of the areas. I need to get me an ultra-light so I can start catching some gills….I decide to pack it up and go back to the office.

On the way to the car, I decide to make a few more casts in the first spot. First cast…nothing. Second cast (and I told myself last cast of the day) is perpendicular to the bank and I land it about a 1 foot short of the bank with overhanging vegetation. After about 2 or 3 feet of the twitch retrieve I get a huge splash on the surface. I reel in slack and set the hook. FISH ON! Woah, this one is much bigger than the first. My rod doubles over but due to the angle of the sun, I don’t know how much bigger. Finally get him closer and realize it’s a real good fish (for me at least). I land the beast and I’m estimating that he’s about 18″. I’m getting splashed by the bass as I try to get him to the bank. By this time my khakis and work shoes are wet and a little muddy, but I really don’t care. I was only 10 feet or so from my truck, so I take him over and get some shots with my real camera.

KICKASS, last cast and I catch a sweet LMB. Wow, am I hooked on froggin’ now. There’s a lot of this canal that’s fishable and with all the vegetation, I’ll be froggin’ all summer. I’d be surprised if there are more than 1 fish of this size in this small area, so I’m guessing I caught the big lunker I spotted a week or two ago guarding fry.

All the pictures taken can be seen here.




2 responses

15 06 2010

Are you kidding me? All out of that canal? Man forget fishing in the river, I’m just going there.

15 06 2010
Eric Miles

Yeah man, I usually hook up with 2 fish or so in an hours lunch time. I think the fish are getting a bit wary of my frog though, the last 2 times I went out I got nothing. This 17″ (final estimate with a measuring device) is certainly the biggest (by far) that I’ve pulled out from there. The most productive stretch is right in front of the parking lot, the most “upstream” section of it.

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