James River at Bosher’s Dam 6-6-2010

6 06 2010

Where: James River, upstream from Huguenot Flatwater to Bosher’s Dam
Time: 8:30am to 2pm
Air Temp: 81 – 91
Water Surface Temp: 83
Wind: NW 30mph
Pressure: Dropping
Fishing suckage: High

I put in at Huguenot Flatwater and made a bee line to Bosher’s Dam. Fished all below the dam, but didn’t get a single bite. Parked on a couple of the islands and fished the grass, eddies, dead water behind large boulders, even threw into the current for shirts and giggles. I was throwing a shallow diving crank, tubes, culprit water beetle, wacky senko, and a tiny torpedo.

Decided to make my way back to the put-in and on the way back started throwing to dead water behind boulders some more. After fishing the tube and senko, threw the shallow diving crank and started reeling in. It banged off the rocks a few times and then I felt a tug. Had a small fight but then went limber, but something was still there. Landed a 10″ smallie, but the treble hook was in his mouth and gill plate…would explain why the fight stopped. Released him back into the water and paddled over to another boulder.

Several other casts and no bites so I go to pull out and leave. My anchor is stuck and I can’t get it to budge. I work on it for about 5 minutes but it won’t budge. I’m in fairly fast moving current and the 30mph winds are not helping so I decide to cut it loose. No anchor in this wind is going to make fishing seriously tough, so I decide to go ahead and call it a day by floating back to the put-in. Here’s a short video to show just how strong the winds were, keep in mind…these were sustained winds.

Along the way I see a nice place to stop and crawl up on the rocks. It’s bout 20 yards off shore and a guy I’ve talked to out on the river was there watching from the bank(guy owns property on the James, must be nice). While talking and fishing I get a small fish playing with my senko, but no real bites. I throw my senko upstream to where there is some dead water between two submerged rocks…the dead water looks like an inverted V. I throw to the point of the V and let the current bring down the senko. I get a tap tap and I reel down…feel the pressure…and set the hook. FISH ON! I can already tell the fish has size. It splashes the surface once and I’m trying real hard not to horse it in…letting my drag do the work…it’s sizable. After about 15 seconds on line, the smallie makes a big jump and throws my Gammy finesse hook. DAMNIT This fish was easily 16-18″ and would have been on the challenge board had I landed him. Would have turned a real crappy day fishing into a day worth remembering. I did have a witness but I don’t think that accounts for anything icon_rolleyes-2010-06-6-08-34.jpg

Tough day of fishing, the wind didn’t help out at all. Spoke to a few other anglers and no others were really catching anything. That makes 8 or so trips on the James this year, 2 smallies caught, only a handful of bites…just not a lot of action. Getting frustrated, Jeff Little’s book can’t get here soon enough.

On a side note, saw an osprey flying with a bass in its talons (at least someone can catch fish). Also saw a non-swimming bird in the water. Looked like a baby bird of some sort maybe had fallen out of its nest. I’m surprised a bass didn’t eat it. I watched it struggle from the middle of the river over to the bank. After parking my kayak at one of the islands and fishing a bit, made my way back to the kayak only to find a 3′ snake sitting beside it. He scurried off. Needless to say I checked my kayak thoroughly before I sat down. I didn’t get a great look at it, but I think it was brown.

Here are all the pictures from the the trip.
The GPS track can be found here.




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7 06 2010
Donavan Marais

Hey Eric, sorry to hear about your misfortune. I feel your pain. I was chatting to my neighbor over the weekend. He’s lived in Richmond all his life, fishing and kayaking in the James. He mentioned that the water is a bit low and really muddy. I suspect that it may just not be the time for fishing right now. I think its because I’ve not been able to go fishing, so the river is holding out for me… to make sure you guys don’t catch all the fish! 🙂

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