Secret Fishing Spot Froggin’ 6-4-2010

4 06 2010

I decided to go out and scout a place I had found by pure dumb luck. I was meeting a co-worker for lunch a few weeks ago and Googled for a listing of restaurants in a strip mall we were meeting at. I ended up finding the developer plans. I looked at them and found out where there was a plan (at one point) for a “swimming pond”. Hmmm…interesting. I looked on Google Earth and while the imagery was pre-mall, sure enough, there is a pond there. I checked it out when I met my co-worker and it looks like perfect froggin’ water. This is what I saw:

I’ve only used a frog once and with no success. I had a minor blowup but missed the fish; the Spro Bronzeye Frog65 Leopard has remained in my tackle box since….until tonight.

I headed out as fast as possible as it was pushing 7:30pm already, not too much light was left. I left most of my gear at home, including my regular camera. I don’t have a typical froggin’ rod, so I used the heaviest thing I have: MH 6’6″ extra fast baitcaster, spooled up with 30lb braid and a 10lb fluoro leader. I get there and I can’t believe how sweet this water looks, this gem is right under the nose of the strip mall. Here are a few more shots of the small, 1 acre pond.

There’s not a lot of room to cast around this pond due to all the brush and trees, so I wedge myself between a few small saplings to make some casts. I make a few feeble underhanded casts and get the frog out about 20 yards. After a few retrieves, I have a hard time believing I haven’t had a single hit. I’m froggin’ in perfect froggin’ water for crying out loud! After my 7th or 8th cast, as I’m reeling in I look down at my feet (I’m hanging over the bank) and see 3 largemouth and 1 large bluegill looking up at me. I almost felt like they were saying, “Really?!?? A frog?!?! We’ve seen those dozens of times!”. I adjust my position and they scurry off, looks like I better move 10 yards or so to a new “spot”.

As I approach the new spot, I immediately spot 2 larger sized LMB that are swimming in opposite directions from each other. I target the further one by casting beyond the edge of the lilly pads, twitching the frog back to me. After about 10 or so casts, I’m starting to wonder if I’m doing it right. I start to let my guard down as my frog is about 8 feet from me on the latest retrieve when WHAM! This strike is a bit short and misses the frog, but now I see they’re on to it! My heart starts to pound and the adrenaline flows. I’m not even paying attention to the mosquitos biting me, the poison ivy I’m standing in, nor the fact my t-shirt is soaking wet from the heat and humidity. I make a few more casts and I get another hit!!! This time the LMB takes the frog, I reel down and pull up to set the hook. The rod bends over so I think I have a good hookset…but the frog comes free. BOO!!!!! Oh well, at least I know they’re definitely interested in the frog and I start to pick up on a pattern. A few more casts and I get a large surface slam just a few feet in front of me. I set the hook good this time. I’ve been watching some Kevin VanDam Youtube clips the last few days, so I yell out a “there he is” as I’m reeling him in. After a small fight as he was at my feet, I land this beautiful, plump 15″ LMB:

I spent the rest of the night following the pattern, fishing until about 8:45pm. I had several other surface hits, but landed no more fish. In all, I probably had 7 or 8 strikes, 3 or 4 of them were short, 3 I should have had, and landed 1. I’ll need to practice some more, but I sure can see why people love froggin’. I can’t wait to go back to this place another evening.

Here are the rest of the pictures, I apologize for the quality but they were all taken with my iPhone.




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