Odd Lunchtime Excursion 3-31-2010

31 03 2010

I work in the Fan in Richmond and other than the James River, there’s not a lot around here to get your “fishing quick fix” during a 1 hour lunch break. The James is running high right now so I ran over to Maymont Park to fish. Read up on Shields and Swan lake on VDGIF, you won’t get real excited about fishing there. Whatever, the weather was beautiful and I wanted to go cast some. I had 2 rods with me but nearly NOTHING for bait, with the exception of a couple of jigs and Zoom chunks, so I just used what I already had tied on: 1oz football jig head w/ rattles in a brown color, with Zoom green chunk.

I’ve been out there before and haven’t caught anything, not so much as a nibble so I didn’t have high hopes today. Spoke to another fisherman out there and he’s never caught anything in these lakes. 45 mins into my hour, I thought about something that was said on Kayak Bass Fishing regarding high wind (it’s gusting up to 18mph here) in that fish sometimes congregate near structure where wind is blowing to. So I decide to go to the side of the lake that the wind is blowing to (big pile of tree and human debris floating against lake wall). I make a few casts and get a nibble. I half heartedly make an attempt at a hook set and see a flash of blue/silver…woah it’s a lot bigger than I would have thought. It looked to be about 18 to 20 inches and I’m thinking it’s a channel cat. I get a little excited. I throw my jig a few more times in the general vicinity and finally get another bite..give him a sec and this time really laid into the hook set. RIP…complete slack. Damnit, I broke off my $5 jig. I hadn’t planned on getting any action so I have to run to my truck and retie with really the only thing I have, my last jig.

I go back to throwing in the same vicinity and get another nibble but empty hook set. A few more minutes later and I get a 3rd nibble. This time I set the hook with not as much strength. YES, I’ve got him! Well…not so much. After about 5 to 10 seconds of fight, the jig comes flying out at me (the fish was only about 8 feet or so off shore). I saw a flash of silver/blue again so I’m thinking it’s either the same cat or another similar sized.

I throw again for the next 10 mins and don’t get any action. On one of my last casts, I get another nibble. I try to set the hook again and start reeling…hook’s not set as it goes slack but I see another glimpse of a fish, this time from head on. This time, the fish looks like a carp as it is a green/brown color and has scales. I head back to work, dejected I didn’t catch anything and 1 jig lighter.

Still better than sitting at my desk icon_e_biggrin.44cDGOvJyJmC.jpg I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow for lunch.




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